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Precious Moments Figurines

I've been collecting things since childhood. First, I collected stamps, then I added coins, but now my true passion is collecting figurines. After I discovered Precious Moments figurines, I became really obsessed with it. I try to get it whenever I have a chance and all home décor in my new home is by Precious Moments.

Nativity Figurines

Since I want more and more of these cute figurines, I found the places to get them online. You see, you can find a figurine that would describe your feelings or commemorate an important event in your life, like graduation from school or college, meeting special people in your life, getting your first job or finding a hobby.

Your Story Is Just Beginning Figurine

The first Precious Moments figurine that I got was a cute Santa Claus walking with a pile of Christmas gifts. I came across it at Personalization Mall and just couldn't resist the temptation to purchase it. Then I decided to add more of these figurines to make some sort of composition on a Christmas theme. This is how I got involved in the process and whether it is Thanksgiving or Easter I was looking for figurines devoted to this occasion.

Loaded Up With Christmas Cheer Annual Santa Figurine

Personalization Mall has always been the main place to get Precious Moments figurines for my collection. I try to find Personalization Mall coupon to use it with my order and save some money. Collectibles by Precious Moments are also available at Hallmark and Amazon but finding Hallmark or Amazon coupon for a discount is practically impossible. Sometimes I order at Precious Moments official website.

In fact, my mom loves the figurines of angels by Precious Moments and, knowing her passion for them, I order angel figurines for her too when I see something really cute.

Forever In My Heart Bisque Porcelain/Metal Figurine

There are many figurines devoted to friendship and love. These small gifts will be perfect for expressing your love without words. When I can't find new figurines to enlarge my collection, I may order home décor in Precious Moments style. And the best part about it is that you can get it personalized. At Personalization Mall there are nice Precious Moments ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. For example, preparing for the Christmas season I ordered this romantic porcelain figurine as a Christmas gift for my husband.

Every Day With You Is A Picnic Figurine

And even though we've been married for 22 years reflecting on about how special our life journey is still makes us happy. As usual I ordered the gift at Personalization Mall and used the coupon to obtain the discount. I added a personalized snack bowl for me as well. And instead of paying $27.38 for both items I spent just $9.99 for the order with the coupon.

As you see, making your home a special place filled with love and affection is easy. All you need is just a little of creativity and the online resources available will help you do it in a unique and thoughtful way.